Desalting columns, Pierce™

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Desalting columns, Pierce™
Protein desalting spin columns are designed to desalt or exchange buffer of protein samples with volumes of 30 to 120 µl. These devices have exceptional desalting characteristics with ≥95% retention of salts and small molecules while providing excellent recovery of proteins greater than 7 kDa. Multiple samples can be processed in less than five minutes without cumbersome column preparation steps.

  • Stable in water, salt solutions, organic solvents and alkaline or acidic conditions
  • Excellent flow properties
  • Heat-stable

These columns are pre-packed with porous polyacrylamide beads and provide for buffer-exchange and desalting of proteins and other macromolecular samples based on molecular-weight cutoff of 7 kDa. It's ideal applications include, removing salts from protein solutions, phenol from nucleic acid preparations, separating excess crosslinker from conjugate preparations, removing excess derivatising agents from modified proteins, unreacted dye from fluorescent antibodies, free radiolabel from labeled proteins and exchanging one buffer for another.

The polyacrylamide resin is not subject to enzymatic degradation and will not serve as a nutrient for microbial growth. The resin is very hydrophilic, thereby minimising undesirable binding interactions between the resin and sample molecules.

The resin is susceptible to hydrolysis of amide groups under extreme pH conditions, so an operating pH of 2 to 10 is recommended at room temperature. The polyacrylamide resin can also be autoclaved at pH 5,5 to 6,5 for 30 minutes at 120 °C.

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