Affinity purification beads and magnets, MagnaBind™

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Affinity purification beads and magnets, MagnaBind™
珠子 Magnetic Beads
Magnetic beads are a convenient affinity support for a variety of assays, which allow easy purification of the target without columns or centrifugation. After a binding step in an affinity purification procedure, the magnetic particles are easily and rapidly collected by placing the microcentrifuge tube or reaction vessel next an appropriate rare-earth magnet. MagnaBind™ beads respond rapidly to MagnaBind™ magnets but can be easily dispersed and regathered multiple times (ie. they will not irreversibly aggregate) because they do not have any magnetic memory.

  • Available pre-coated with popular affinity ligands or derivatised for covalent attachment of proteins and other specific ligands
  • Beads do not irreversibly aggregate because they have no magnetic memory; collect and disperse the beads multiple times, if needed
  • Most separations require a short 5 to 10 minute bench-top procedure

MagnaBind™ beads are available pre-coated with Protein A, Protein G, streptavidin, anti-mouse or anti-rabbit antibodies. Activated beads, with either amine or carboxyl groups, are also available for attaching other proteins or affinity ligands to a magnetic particle.

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