Visual colour kits, iron, MQuant®, Supelco®

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Visual colour kits, iron, MQuant®, Supelco®
Test kits for quick, semi-quantitative analysis in situ, without the expense of transporting samples to the laboratory. Simple step by step illustrated instructions mean the kits can be used without special chemical training.

  • Results in approximately 1 minute
  • Easy to use
  • Application-oriented measuring ranges
  • Portable
  • A range of economical refill packs (RP) are available

MQuant® with colour disc comparator

Using the comparator disc, these test kits are especially suitable for the analysis of turbid and coloured waters. The comparator disc is a practical and robust colour comparison device that provides reliable measurements, even in humid environments. Ideal for samples of medium to high concentration in applications ranging from testing bottled water to wastewater and other industrial water testing.

MQuant® titrimetric and colorimetric methods

This range comprises both titrimetric and colorimetric tests for medium concentrations. With its broad range of available test parameters, these quick tests are the method of choice for aquaria, fish farming, aquatic ecology, environmental, cooling and boiler water analysis.

MQuant® with colour card comparator (MCC)

By using cuvettes with a long light path, the MQuant® (MCC) test kits are especially suited for measuring low ion concentrations (some as low as 0,005 mg/L). These test kits are especially appropriate for analysing drinking water, spring water, purified and mineral water, as well as cooling and boiler water.

The table below indicates which system of measurement is used for which test see under the column 'Type'.
MCD = MQuant® comparator disc
MCC = MQuant® comparator card
MTC = MQuant® titration and colorimetry

Delivery information: Each test kit contains all the necessary reagents, reaction cuvettes, colour comparison chart or comparator wheel and extensive instructions for use.

Packaging: RP= Refill pack

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