Melting point standards

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VWRC85110.001EA 524 CNY
VWRC85110.001 VWRC85113.003 VWRC85106.001 VWRC85104.001 VWRC85322.001 VWRC85107.001 VWRC85103.001 VWRC85105.001 VWRC85108.001 VWRC85112.003 VWRC85111.003 VWRC85109.001 VWRC85105.005 VWRC85101.001
Melting point standards
标准品 熔点标准
These standards can be used with any melting point apparatus and are prepared using pure raw materials. Melting points are determined using a high accuracy Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) system that is calibrated to the ITS 90 International Temperature Scale.

  • Ready to use
  • Traceable
  • Uncertainty of measurement up to ±0,3 °C

The melting points of these standards range from benzophenone (47 to 49 °C) to anthraquinone (283 to 286 °C).

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