VWR®, Melting point standards

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VWRC85105.005EA 529 CNY
VWRC85105.005 VWRC88446.001 VWRC85105.001 VWRC85107.001 VWRC85109.001 VWRC85104.001 VWRC88444.001 VWRC85111.003 VWRC88442.001 VWRC85113.003 VWRC85112.003 VWRC88445.001 VWRC85101.001 VWRC85108.001 VWRC85106.001 VWRC85110.001 VWRC88449.001 VWRC85103.001 VWRC85322.001
VWR®, Melting point standards
标准品 熔点标准
These standards can be used with any melting point apparatus and are prepared using pure raw materials. Melting points are determined using a high accuracy Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) system that is calibrated to the ITS 90 International Temperature Scale.

  • Ready to use
  • Traceable
  • Uncertainty of measurement up to ±0,3 °C

The melting points of these standards range from benzophenone (47 to 49 °C) to anthraquinone (283 to 286 °C).

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