VWR®, Viscosity standards

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VWRC85092.260EA 1901 CNY
VWRC85092.260 VWRC85067.260 VWRC85097.260 VWRC85088.260 VWRC85100.260 VWRC85075.260 VWRC85089.260 VWRC85083.260 VWRC85070.260 VWRC85068.260 VWRC85087.260 VWRC85074.260 VWRC85095.260 VWRC85091.260 VWRC85082.260 VWRC85069.260 VWRC85086.260 VWRC85099.260 VWRC85078.260 VWRC85073.260 VWRC85077.260 VWRC85090.260 VWRC85081.260 VWRC85094.260 VWRC85324.260 VWRC85085.260 VWRC85098.260 VWRC85079.260 VWRC85072.260 VWRC85076.260 VWRC85071.260 VWRC85084.260 VWRC85093.260 VWRC85080.260
VWR®, Viscosity standards
标准品 粘度标准
These standards can be used for calibration, control, verification, qualification or method validation of kinematic and dynamic viscosity measurement instruments (both manual and automatic). Each standard is certified for kinematic viscosity (mm²/s, cSt), dynamic viscosity (cP) and density (g/ml) at a range of temperatures.

  • Manufactured from high quality, stable base oils and additives
  • Extended shelf life with secure packaging
  • All standards observe Newtonian fluid behaviour

These standards are traceable to the ITS 90 temperature scale and the universally accepted primary standard value of the viscosity of water at 20 °C, defined as 1,0034 mm²/s (cSt) by ISO 3666.

Certifications: Certified according to ASTM D2162 using Ubbelohde master viscometers and ISO 17025 accreditation for calibration.

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