VWR®, Refractive index standards

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VWRC85124.015EA 1562 CNY
VWRC85124.015 VWRC85137.015 VWRC85132.015 VWRC85128.015 VWRC85115.015 VWRC85117.015 VWRC85120.015 VWRC85134.015 VWRC85121.015 VWRC85133.015 VWRC85138.015 VWRC85125.015 VWRC85116.015 VWRC85129.015 VWRC85118.015 VWRC85130.015 VWRC85122.015 VWRC85135.015 VWRC85126.015 VWRC85119.015 VWRC85136.015 VWRC85131.015 VWRC85123.015 VWRC85127.015 VWRC85114.015
VWR®, Refractive index standards
标准品 折射率标准
Refractive index of each standard is verified using a calibrated and temperature controlled refractometer.

  • Standards are prepared gravimetrically on weight/weight basis
  • Solute (sucrose) and solvent (water) are weighed on a calibrated balance using OIML traceable weights

Certifications: Certificate of Calibration is issued in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

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