VWR®, Density standards referenced at 20 °C

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VWRC85177.180EA 1965.6 CNY
VWRC85177.180 VWRC85194.180 VWRC85181.180 VWRC85172.180 VWRC85185.180 VWRC85171.180 VWRC85176.180 VWRC85189.180 VWRC84004.180 VWRC85193.180 VWRC85180.180 VWRC85175.180 VWRC85184.180 VWRC85183.180 VWRC85188.180 VWRC85196.180 VWRC85191.180 VWRC85179.180 VWRC85174.180 VWRC85192.180 VWRC85187.180 VWRC85170.180 VWRC85195.180 VWRC85190.180 VWRC85186.180 VWRC85173.180 VWRC85182.180
VWR®, Density standards referenced at 20 °C
标准品 Density Standards
These products can be used as calibration standards for density measurements by pycnometric, vibrational or hydrometer-based techniques.

  • High accuracy across an extensive density range (0,6619 to 3,1096 g/ml) at 20 °C
  • No toxic heavy metals used in any formulation
  • Can be used with any brand or type of density measuring instrument
  • Supplied in a high quality, tamper-proof, amber glass bottle

These standards are prepared gravimetrically (solute and solvent) using OIML traceable weights. The density values of the standards are established using fully calibrated reference pycnometers.

Certifications: In accordance with ASTM D1480-12 for testing of density or relative density. A certificate of calibration is issued in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

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