VWR®, Density standards referenced at 60 °C

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VWRC85291.180EA 1872 CNY
VWRC85291.180 VWRC85301.180 VWRC85296.180 VWRC85295.180 VWRC85293.180 VWRC85300.180 VWRC85304.180 VWRC85297.180 VWRC85302.180 VWRC85292.180 VWRC85299.180 VWRC85294.180 VWRC85303.180 VWRC85290.180 VWRC85305.180
VWR®, Density standards referenced at 60 °C
标准品 Density Standards
These products can be used as calibration standards for density measurements by pycnometric, vibrational or hydrometer-based techniques.

  • High accuracy across an extensive density range (0,6582 - 1,0478 g/ml) at 60 °C
  • No toxic heavy metals used in any formulation
  • Can be used with any brand or type of density measuring instrument
  • Supplied in a high quality, tamper-proof, amber glass bottle

These standards are prepared gravimetrically (solute and solvent) using OIML traceable weights. The density values of the standards are established using fully calibrated reference pycnometers.

Certifications: In accordance with ASTM D1480-12 for testing of density or relative density. A certificate of calibration is issued in accordance with the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025.

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