All-day cooling and freezing workstations, Corning® CoolBox™ XT

供应商: Corning

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All-day cooling and freezing workstations, Corning® CoolBox™ XT
冷却器 台式冷却器
Ideal for transfering samples between labs, or in the field.

  • Over 16 hours of 0,5 to 4 °C cooling with lid closed and over 10 hours with the lid open
  • Reduces contamination by eliminating ice
  • Easy to clean with lab detergents or bleach
  • Patent-pending dual phase conductive XT Cooling core ensures stable and consistent sample cooling
  • Portable XT CoolBox systems can be used when a brief transfer of temperature sensitive samples to a robotic device is needed
  • May be used with dry ice in place of the Cooling Core to create a portable snap-freezing workstation

CoolBox™ XT ice-free bench top systems provide sample cooling or freezing without ice, electricity or batteries.
CoolBox XT workstations cool via thermoconductivity. Place the CoolRack module on top of the pre-frozen cooling core, included in the CoolBox XT and the samples achieve 0 °C in less than three minutes.

Design your own CoolBox system. CoolBox XT includes one cooling core and accomodates one sample module. CoolBox 2XT includes 2 cooling cores and accomodates two sample modules. Order CoolRack modules separately based on tube or plate size required.

订购须知 See accessories for additional cooling cores as well as an optional freezing core for sample processing below 0 °C. Purchase CoolRack sample modules separately.

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