(S)-(-)-α-氨基-γ-丁内酯 99%

供应商: Thermo Scientific

Synonyms: L-高丝氨酸内酯

ACRO259940010EA 0 CNY
ACRO259940010 ACRO259940050
(S)-(-)-α-氨基-γ-丁内酯 99%
分子式: C₄H₇NO₂·HBr
分子量: 182,017 g/mol
溶点: 236…238,9 °C
存储条件: Ambient
MDL编号: MFCD00674493
CAS号: 15295-77-9



Appearance White to light brown Powder
Infrared spectrum Conforms
Titration Argentometric ≥98.5 %
Specific optical rotation -20.5° to -22.5° (20°C, 589 nm) (c=4, H2O)

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