Hemin (from porcine) ≥99%

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Hemin (from porcine) ≥99%
Hemin chloride

Hemin derived from porcine is an iron-containing prosthetic group present in some proteins and can be an alternative source of iron within the host that contains a porphyrin ring containing a Fe2+ ion.
Hemin is a protoporphyrin IX containing a ferric iron (Fe3+) ion with a coordinating chloride ligand

  • It is used in cellular protection and controls biological mechanisms
  • It can stimulate globulin synthesis
  • It can be applied to study bacterial strains and growth conditions in the short-term colony assays and cell transfections
  • It is used during the preparation of agar medium for bacteria culture

This compound has been used in L929 and J774 murine macrophage cells in order to study conjugation, characterization and toxicity of lipophosphoglycan-polyacrylic acid conjugate for vaccination against leishmaniasis

Caution: RUO – Research Use Only

分子式: C₃₄H₃₂ClFeN₄O₄
分子量: 651,95 g/mol
MDL编号: MFCD00010726
CAS号: 16009-13-5
UN号: 3400
ADR: 4.2,III


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