HPLC columns, ZORBAX® 300 Å StableBond®

供应商: Agilent Technologies
HEWL880995-906EA 0 CNY
HEWL880995-909 HEWL880995-905 HEWL880995-906 HEWL865630-902 HEWL863974-302 HEWL5064-8268 HEWL880995-902 HEWL863630-902 HEWL863974-306 HEWL883995-902 HEWL861775-902 HEWL821125-918 HEWL883995-906 HEWL861775-906 HEWL883995-905 HEWL883995-909 HEWL865973-902 HEWL863750-906 HEWL860950-909 HEWL881750-902 HEWL883750-906 HEWL883750-905 HEWL860950-905 HEWL860950-906 HEWL883750-909 HEWL860950-902 HEWL883750-902 HEWL820950-918 HEWL865750-906 HEWL865750-902 HEWL863973-905 HEWL865973-909 HEWL820950-921 HEWL861973-306 HEWL863973-902 HEWL861973-902 HEWL863973-909 HEWL820950-924 HEWL865973-905 HEWL820950-923 HEWL863973-906 HEWL861973-906 HEWL865973-906 HEWL5065-9924 HEWL5065-9923 HEWL880995-209 HEWL880995-206 HEWL880995-205 HEWL880995-202 HEWL861630-902 HEWL863630-906 HEWL863974-309 HEWL865630-906 HEWL884950-565 HEWL5065-9913 HEWL5065-9911 HEWL5065-9910 HEWL5065-9914
HPLC columns, ZORBAX® 300 Å StableBond®
These columns are ideal for the reproductible separation of proteins and peptides or other large molecules.

  • Unmatched in their durability at low pH (1 to 8)
  • Temperature use 80 to 90 °C

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