Manual dispensers, Proline

供应商: VWR, part of Avantor
VWRI115-2097EA 480 CNY
VWRI115-2097 VWRI115-2096
Manual dispensers, Proline
Soap Dispensers and Lotion Soap Dispensers
These VWR manual dispensers are durable, wall-mountable and for use with Deb Stoko® soaps and cleansers. Ideal for use in offices, medical rooms, laboratories, food services and catering.

  • Large push-button for one-handed or elbow operation
  • Delivers the exact amount required, controlling usage and reducing waste
  • Enables quick and easy cartridge replacement within seconds
  • Reduces maintenance time and costs
  • Allows no ingress of air into the cartridge during use
  • Helps prevent product contamination

Suitable for use with Deb Stoko® Refresh™ FOAM 1 litre cartridges.

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