Reversed phase HPLC columns, Luna® C18(2)

供应商: Phenomenex
PHEN00A-4252-E0EA 0 CNY
PHEN00D-4251-E0 PHEN00G-4252-D0 PHEN00B-4251-Y0 PHEN00A-4252-E0 PHEN00D-4252-E0 PHEN00G-4252-AK PHEN00B-4251-E0 PHEN00A-4251-Y0 PHEN00F-4251-E0 PHEN00F-4252-Y0 PHEN00G-4252-N0 PHEN00F-4251-Y0
Reversed phase HPLC columns, Luna® C18(2)
Luna® C18(2) is a reversed phase column that provides a measurable improvement over many HPLC columns for two important chromatographic properties - resolution and peak shape.

  • The high efficiencies and bonded phase surface coverage provide for sharp peaks
  • Slightly lower carbon load than original Luna® C18
  • Free exposed silanols virtually eliminated by complete bonding and endcapping

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