Reversed phase HPLC columns, Luna® C8(2)

供应商: Phenomenex
PHEN00F-4249-E0EA 0 CNY
PHEN00D-4249-E0 PHEN00E-4249-E0 PHEN00G-4249-N0 PHEN00A-4249-E0 PHEN00F-4248-Y0 PHEN00G-4249-E0 PHEN00F-4249-Y0 PHEN00F-4248-E0 PHEN00F-4249-E0
Reversed phase HPLC columns, Luna® C8(2)
C8 column provides less hydrophobic retention than C18, but the density of the ligand bonding creates more steric based selectivity. The C8 columns are generally better hydrogen bond acceptors and better for acidic compounds.

  • C8(2) improved performance over traditional C8 phases due to high surface coverage
  • Non-polar endcapping virtually eliminates silanol interactions

Octyl silane ligands are bound to the silica surface, making for a hydrophobic phase with moderate methylene selectivity.

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