Reversed phase HPLC columns, Gemini® NX-C18

供应商: Phenomenex
PHEN00B-4453-E0 PHEN00G-4454-E0 PHEN00G-4453-E0 PHEN00F-4453-E0 PHEN00F-4454-E0 PHEN00A-4453-B0
Reversed phase HPLC columns, Gemini® NX-C18
These rugged reversed phase HPLC columns offer extended lifetime under extreme pH conditions and excellent stability for reproducible, high efficiency separations.

  • Take full advantage of high and low pH conditions (pH 1 to 12) to manipulate selectivity
  • Expect longer column lifetime with patented TWIN-NX™ technology
  • Recommended for high efficiency analytical or preparative separations under extreme pH conditions
  • Control selectivity of ionisable compounds for optimised methods
  • High and low pH methods
  • Consistent performance in both volatile and non-volatile buffers

TWIN-NX™ technology uses an improved patented organo-silica grafting process which incorporates highly stabilising ethane crosslinking.

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