Reversed phase HPLC columns, Kinetex® C18

供应商: Phenomenex
PHEN00B-4462-E0EA 5275 CNY
PHEN00B-4462-E0 PHEN00F-4462-Y0 PHENKH0-8557 PHEN00A-4475-AN PHENKH0-8551 PHEN00G-4601-E0 PHEN00B-4515-AN PHEN00F-4601-AN PHEN00B-4462-AN PHEN00C-4462-E0 PHEN00A-4462-E0 PHEN00C-4462-AN PHENKH0-8555 PHEN00A-4462-Y0 PHENKH0-8554 PHENKH0-8559 PHEN00B-4475-AN PHENKH0-8549 PHEN00D-4601-AN PHENKH0-8553 PHEN00F-4462-E0 PHEN00B-4601-AN PHEN00F-4462-AN PHEN00D-4462-AN PHEN00C-4462-Y0 PHEN00B-4462-Y0 PHENKH0-8550 PHEN00F-4475-AN PHEN00D-4462-E0 PHEN00D-4462-Y0 PHENKH0-8558
Reversed phase HPLC columns, Kinetex® C18
Kinetex C18 are core-shell silica supported 100 Å columns with TMS endcapping for general reversed phase separations.

  • Suitable for ultra-high performance for hydrophobic compounds
  • High particle density helps create optimal bed structure which reduces band broadening effects of Eddy diffusion
  • Ultra-high performance on UHPLC systems
  • Reduced diffusion path improves efficiency

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