Bis-Tris gel buffer (4X), Biotechnology Grade

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Bis-Tris gel buffer (4X), Biotechnology Grade
Bis-Tris Gel Buffer, 4× is used to prepare polyacrylamide gels for optimal separation of small- to medium-sized proteins under denaturing conditions.

  • Faster run time-separate your proteins in less than 35 min
  • Obtain high resolution of small- to medium-sized proteins
  • Neutral pH of the gel minimises protein modifications
  • Store cold

The neutral pH environment of the gel prepared with Bis-Tris Gel Buffer minimizes protein modifications.  Bis-Tris Gel Buffer, 4× can be used to prepare both separating and stacking gels with your standard protocol for polyacrylamide gels preparation. MES-SDS or MOPS-SDS buffer is then used as the running buffer to separate your proteins on a Bis-Tris gel. When using MES-SDS buffer, separation of proteins on a 10% Bis-Tris gel can be accomplished in less than 35 min.

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