Fluorescent protein stains, VividPro™ Plus

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VWRC1B1773-1MLEA 1758 CNY
VWRC1B1773-1ML VWRC1B1773-0.4ML
Fluorescent protein stains, VividPro™ Plus
染料 分子生物学污渍
VividPro Plus is a fluorescent protein stain that can be used in a fast co-electrophoretic protocol to visualise proteins in SDS PAGE gels.

  • Intermediate sensitivity between ruthenium based dyes and Coomassie® stains

VividPro Plus can be visualised both by a common UV transilluminator or gel documentation box equipped with a transilluminator at 312 nm, and by gel documentation systems with blue LED light or laser scanners using a 488 nm blue laser.

Visualisation can be achieved quickly following the electrophoretic run and is compatible with downstream manipulation such as mass spectrometry and Western blotting.

VividPro Plus can also be used with a longer post-staining protocol that requires gel fixation and provides a staining pattern that has a longer time stability.

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