VWR® OIML, Calibration Weights E1, with Calibration Certificate

供应商: Avantor
VWRI611-3653EA 49249.07 CNY
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VWR® OIML, Calibration Weights E1, with Calibration Certificate
称量产品 校准砝码
Individual E1 OIML class weights are intended to ensure traceability between the national mass standards (with values derived from the International Prototype of the kilogram) and Class E2 and lower weights. They are also used with microbalances. Anti-magnetic, cobalt alloy weights are available from 1 to 500 mg. Packed in a plastic case, the wire weights are easy to store. Anti-magnetic, corrosion resistant, highly polished stainless steel knob weights are available from 1 to 200 g. Packed in a plastic case the weights are easy to store. Sets of weights are also available in either cobalt alloy or stainless steel with a choice of a plastic or wooden storage box.

  • Identification number guarantees traceability for weights from 1 g upwards
  • Laser engraving improves legibility of the markings
  • Supplied with COFRAC certificate

Certifications: Conform to OILM R111 recommendations.

Packaging: Plastic cases have a vacuum sealed protective film to ensure that the case and calibration weight are protected during transportation.

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