Labels for BBP3x printers, type B-569

供应商: Brady
BRDY117986EA 0 CNY
BRDY117980 BRDY117939 BRDY117938 BRDY117937 BRDY117936 BRDY117979 BRDY117934 BRDY117978 BRDY117977 BRDY117932 BRDY117931 BRDY117930 BRDY117972 BRDY117971 BRDY117991 BRDY117990 BRDY117949 BRDY117948 BRDY117947 BRDY117989 BRDY117945 BRDY117988 BRDY117987 BRDY117943 BRDY117986 BRDY117942 BRDY117985 BRDY117941 BRDY117940 BRDY117984 BRDY117983 BRDY117982 BRDY117981 BRDY117959 BRDY117958 BRDY117957 BRDY117956 BRDY117954 BRDY117952 BRDY117951 BRDY117950 BRDY117993 BRDY117992 BRDY117929 BRDY117969 BRDY117968 BRDY117967 BRDY117966 BRDY117965 BRDY117964 BRDY117963 BRDY117962 BRDY117961 BRDY117960
Labels for BBP3x printers, type B-569
This high performance polyester labeling tape is used for labeling stainless steel pipes and surfaces. Applies best to very smooth surfaces and ideal for mounting to rigid panels.

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