Standard polystyrene microplates, 1536-well, Corning®

供应商: Corning
CORN3725 CORN3724 CORN7249 CORN7246 CORN7248 CORN7247 CORN3724BC CORN3728BC CORN3727BC CORN3726BC CORN3725BC CORN3729BC CORN3729 CORN3728 CORN3727 CORN3726 CORN3831 CORN3838BC CORN3895 CORN3835 CORN3833 CORN3832 CORN3731BC CORN3893 CORN3891 CORN3891BC CORN3937 CORN3838 CORN3936 CORN3836 CORN3832BC CORN3893BC
Standard polystyrene microplates, 1536-well, Corning®
微孔板 高温超导微孔板
These PS microplates conform to standard microplate footprint and dimensions, and are available in solid black or white, with round or flat bottoms, or in black clear bottom formats.

  • Total well volume of 10 μl for round well plates and 12,8 μl for flat bottom plates
  • Recommended working volume of up to 8 μl
  • Round well bottoms for reduced air entrapment and improved CVs and Z factor
  • Raised well bottoms for higher sensitivity
  • Lids available separately

* NBS™ = Non binding surface

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