Bottle top vacuum filtration systems, Corning®

供应商: Corning

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Bottle top vacuum filtration systems, Corning®
过滤器 瓶口过滤器
PS bottle top vacuum filters with adapters colour coded by membrane type: Polyethersulfone (PES) yellow; cellulose acetate (CA) orange; nylon (NY) red.

  • Available in 33 mm and 45 mm neck sizes to fit most glass and plastic media storage bottles
  • Individually packaged, sterile and certified non pyrogenic
  • 45 mm neck sizes fit on Corning® plastic storage bottles

Square membrane funnel design provides improved flow rates. Availablefor 150 and 500 ml bottles.

Sterile tissue culture filters in polystyrene funnels attach securely by threaded polyethylene ring to standard media bottles.

Angled hose adapter rotates for easy vacuum line attachment
PES filters give lowest protein binding and fastest flow rates

订购须知 Complete with filter, dust cover, and polypropylene tubing connector. Media bottle not included.

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