Absorption cuvettes, 100

供应商: Hellma Analytics
HELL100-50-40EA 0 CNY
HELL100-1-46 HELL100-50-20 HELL100-50-40 HELL100-1-20 HELL100-1-40 HELL100-5-46 HELL100-10-46 HELL100-10-40 HELL100-50-46 HELL100-10-20 HELL100-1-K-40 HELL100-5-40 HELL100B-10-40 HELL100-5-20 HELL100-10-K-20 HELL100-40-40 HELL100-40-20 HELL100-10-K-40 HELL100-1-PL-40 HELL100-2-40 HELL100-2-20 HELL100-2-46 HELL100-100-40 HELL100-50-K-40 HELL100-20-46 HELL100-100-20 HELL100-100-46 HELL100-20-40 HELL100-50-K-20 HELL100-20-20
Absorption cuvettes, 100
比色皿 分光光度计比色皿
High quality cuvettes made from glass or quartz for on-line spectrophotometric analysis.

Please note that pairs are spectrally calibrated.

Certifications: ISO 17025 certified NIST traceable reference standards and immersion probes.

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