VWR® Dosatest, pH indicator test strips, non bleeding

供应商: Avantor
VWRC85423.601EA 282 CNY
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VWR® Dosatest, pH indicator test strips, non bleeding
试纸 PH指示剂带
Dosatest test strips provide precise and rapid pH determination, with up to four different colour blocks for each pH value.

  • Easier to work with due to the long handle
  • Colour-fixed reactive pads
  • Brilliant colour chart

pH indicator is chemically bound onto the cellulose fibre preventing bleeding. This effectively protects the sample against contamination and enables measurements to be taken even in weak buffered or strong alkaline solutions.

Better access to different types of containers preventing fingers coming into contact with the sample.

Delivery information: Supplied in a box with 100 test strips 6×85 mm.

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