Multipacks, mLINE®

供应商: Sartorius
Multipacks, mLINE®
移液管和移液器 移液器
These Multipacks combine a set of mLINE® mechanical pipettes with matching tip trays and useful accessories. mLINE® is recommended by health and safety officers around the globe. It covers the full volume range of 0,1 µl to 10 ml and is available in single- and multichannel models.

  • Excellent ergonomics to protect from injuries with the exceptionnally light pipetting and tip ejection forces
  • High accuracy and precision, also in repetitive, long-lasting pipetting
  • Minimized risk of contamination with Safe-Cone Filters and full autoclavability
  • Increased safety with volume lock preventing accidental volume changes while pipetting

It is particularly designed for repetitive and long-lasting pipetting in order to prevent work related hand, arm and shoulder disorders or Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

订购须知 All tip racks contain 96 tips except volume 100 - 5000 µl which contains 50 tips.

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