Test strips, water hardness, Dosatest

供应商: Avantor
VWRC85443.601EA 586.95 CNY
VWRC85443.601 VWRC85442.601
Test strips, water hardness, Dosatest
A ready to use kit that fits into your lab coat pocket.

  • Rapid and convenient
  • Easy to handle
  • Choice of ranges for required precision

Ideal to monitor water hardness, especially suitable for boiler testing, aquaria and laundries. Semi-quantitative results can be obtained between 10 and 120 seconds.

The colour charts are adjusted and checked using certified standard solutions that are directly traceable to primary NIST standards.

1 mmol/litre =10 °f = 5.60 °d= 7,022 °e

1 mmol/litre= 100.09 mg/l CaCO₃

Packaging: Container with 100 test strips 6×95 mm

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