Cell culture chambers, Nunc™ EasyFill™ cell factories

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Nunc™ EasyFill™
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Cell culture chambers, Nunc™ EasyFill™ cell factories
PS, sterile. The EasyFill™ Cell Factory has one large and one small opening in each unit, which makes it versatile and easy to use. EasyFill™ Cell Factory bridges the gap between small scale research and large scale GMP production. It can be used as it is, without any accessories, or used with plug and play connections for rapid attachment of tubing and filters, significantly reducing contamination risk. EasyFill™ systems are available with 1, 2, 4 or 10 growth chamber levels, providing surface areas ranging from 630 to 6300 cm².

  • Versatile - large opening facilitates the desire to pour media directly and small opening supports those that need a closed, aseptic system for filling and harvesting
  • Bridges small scale process development with large scale production
  • Easy to use and ready to use straight from the box, no accessories needed
  • High yield and process efficiency
  • Nunclon™Δ surface treatment to promote consistent performance for cell attachment and proliferation in serum free and serum containing media

W×L: 250×335 mm.

Delivery information: Shipped sterile and ready to use, for single use applications.

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