Dialysis cassettes, Slide-a-Lyzer®, Pierce®

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Dialysis cassettes, Slide-a-Lyzer®, Pierce®
胶管 透析管
These devices can be used for a wide range of applications including low molecular-weight contaminant removal, buffer exchange, desalting, equilibrium dialysis, and concentration. The cassette membrane is composed of low-binding regenerated cellulose and features a hermetically sealed sample chamber to maintain the highest possible sample retention. This type of membrane is compatible with a number of common chemicals and buffers. The colour-coded transparent frames of the Slide-A-Lyzer® cassette allow instant recognition of the MWCO of the membrane and make viewing the needle easier during sample injection.

  • Easy to use - no knots or clamps are needed
  • Fast dialysis - flat cassette chamber with two membranes provides high surface area:volume that maximises diffusion rate compared to cylindrical dialysis tubing
  • High recovery - rectangular cassette design maximises recovery of entire sample volume via any one of the four corner injection ports
  • Four cassette sizes - select the cassette that best suits your sample volume
  • Colour-coded - blue cassette frame specifies cassettes with the 2000 MW pore size membrane

* Kits including cassettes, buoys, syringes and needles
** gamma irradiated

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