96-well microplates for cell culture, BRANDplates®

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BRANDplates® cellGrade™ premium BRANDplates® cellGrade™ BRANDplates® cellGrade™ plus BRANDplates® inertGrade™
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96-well microplates for cell culture, BRANDplates®
微孔板 细胞培养板
PS, solid or with transparent base. Plates are available with different well shapes (round U-bottom, conical V-bottom, flat F-bottom or flat C-bottom with curved edges), in different colours, and with a choice of cell culture treated surfaces.

  • All BRANDplates® are alphanumerically labelled, stackable and compatible with most standard microplate readers and washers
  • Standard 96-well plates have coloured alphanumeric code identifying surface type (cell culture treated orange, immuno treated blue, non-treated grey)
  • White plates provide maximum reflection and minimum crosstalk during luminescence measurements; black plates provide minimum backlight scatter during fluorescence analyses

cellGrade™: The standard surface for cultivation of adherent cell lines. Chemical groups on the surface of the plate bind to serum compounds, stimulating the growth of immobilised cells.

cellGrade™ plus: This surface has a protein like structure. Cultivation of cells in serum reduced media is possible. cellGrade™ plus surface is suitable for the cultivation of more fastidious cell lines.

cellGrade™ premium: This surface is a poly-D-lysine equivalent. With the optimised surface characteristics, the most fastidious cell lines can be cultivated. Cells show growth comparable to poly-D-lysine surfaces.

inertGrade™: Surface inhibits cell binding. Especially suited for the cultivation of cells when adhesion is not desired, for example when working with cell suspensions or stem cells.

Certifications: BRANDplates® are non cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5, free of endotoxins (<0,01 EU/ml), and DNA-, DNase- and RNase- free. Sterile products comply with ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines, SAL 10⁻⁶.

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