96-Well microplates, non treated, BRANDplates®

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BRANDplates® pureGrade™ S BRANDplates® pureGrade™
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96-Well microplates, non treated, BRANDplates®
微孔板 高温超导微孔板
PS, solid plates or with transparent base. Plates are available with different well bottom shapes (round U-bottom, conical V-bottom, flat F-bottom or C flat bottom with curved edges), in different colours, and either sterile or non sterile.

  • All BRANDplates® are alphanumerically labelled, stackable and compatible with most standard microplate readers and washers
  • White plates provide maximum reflection and minimum crosstalk during luminescence measurements; black plates provide minimum back light scatter during fluorescence analysis
  • Sterile plates are supplied individually wrapped with lid

pureGrade™: Non treated, medium binding, non sterile surface. These plates are suitable for homogeneous assays, screening and storage.

pureGrade™ S: Non treated, medium binding, sterile surface. Sterilised by β radiation, these plates are especially well suited for bacteriological assays.

Certifications: BRANDplates® are non cytotoxic according to ISO 10993-5, free of endotoxins (<0.01 EU/ml), and free from DNA, DNase and RNase. Sterile products comply with ISO 11137 and AAMI guidelines, SAL 10-⁶.

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