Preparative HPLC columns, Selfpacker®

供应商: Merklinger
MERK1250140001EA 0 CNY
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Preparative HPLC columns, Selfpacker®
This column-packing technology is based on a combination of vacuum suction with subsequent column bed compression that stabilises the packing. A common water-jet pump is used to generate the vacuum. The sorbent slurry is sucked through a packing reservoir into the column by applying low pressure at the bottom end of the column.

  • Allows precise adjustment of the desired packing volume or sorbent bed height
  • Facilitates the determination of the column geometry
  • Makes direct scale-up from analytical to preparative scale easy

Packing stand NW25
Min./max. packing height: 185/220 mm
Max. working pressure: 200 bar

Packing stand NW50
Min./max. packing height: 185/220 mm
Max. working pressure: 100 bar

Packing stand NW100
Min./max. packing height: 295/350 mm
Max. working pressure: 100 bar

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