Cryogenic vials, Nalgene®

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Nalgene® Nalgene® System 100™
NALG5000-0020EA 0 CNY
NALG5000-0020 NALG5012-0020 NALG5000-1020 NALG5000-1012 NALG5012-0012 NALG5000-0012 NALG5011-0012 NALG5005-0015 NALG5000-0050 NALG5011-0020
Cryogenic vials, Nalgene®
These storage tubes are ideally suited for research and general laboratory storage of high-value and genomic materials down to the vapour phase of liquid nitrogen (at temperatures as low as –150 °C). They are made from PPCO and have HDPE screw caps.

  • External thread
  • Self standing
  • Non cytotoxic raw materials for added sample security and tubes certified free of Dnase and RNase for genomic applications
  • Tubes with writing area are graduated

System 100™ tubes allow for maximum storage capacity and have a PP closure and internal silicone gasket.

PS colour coders fit into the top of Nalgene® cryogenic vial closures (except Cat. No. 479-0006). They provide quick identification.

Certifications: CE Marked for storage of diagnostic samples in the EU. Certified SAL of 10⁻⁶ for the highest sterility assurance available.

Caution: Do not store in the liquid phase of nitrogen without CryoFlex™ tubing.

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