Coated polysaccharide columns, normal phase, CHIRALCEL®

供应商: Chiral Technologies
DAIC13025 DAIC13022 DAIC17G45 DAIC42423 DAIC42S84 DAIC42394 DAIC42S82 DAIC17594 DAIC42S83 DAIC17595 DAIC16022 DAIC16025 DAIC42311 DAIC17511 DAIC14522 DAIC14523 DAIC14524 DAIC14525 DAIC42G94 DAIC42435 DAIC17G35 DAIC14G45 DAIC14594 DAIC17224 DAIC17345 DAIC42323 DAIC42322 DAIC14595 DAIC17226 DAIC17225 DAIC14511 DAIC13325 DAIC11025 DAIC63345 DAIC11022 DAIC42523 DAIC42522 DAIC42525 DAIC42524 DAIC63G45 DAIC18224 DAIC18225 DAIC14025 DAIC18226 DAIC14423 DAIC63337 DAIC63335 DAIC63G35 DAIC17523 DAIC15224 DAIC17522 DAIC17525 DAIC15225 DAIC17524 DAIC15226 DAIC63325 DAIC63323 DAIC63445 DAIC63324 DAIC14G94 DAIC42226 DAIC42225 DAIC63G25 DAIC42592 DAIC17S84 DAIC17394 DAIC42594 DAIC17S82 DAIC17032 DAIC17S83 DAIC42593 DAIC63G24 DAIC14042 DAIC17035 DAIC63G22 DAIC42595 DAIC17311 DAIC14045 DAIC17435 DAIC16225 DAIC14322 DAIC42G45 DAIC16224 DAIC14323 DAIC16226 DAIC14324 DAIC14325 DAIC12025 DAIC63435 DAIC12022 DAIC63G94 DAIC42511 DAIC14S82 DAIC14394 DAIC14S83 DAIC14S84 DAIC14032 DAIC17025 DAIC14794 DAIC14035 DAIC14311 DAIC17423 DAIC63322 DAIC12311 DAIC63423 DAIC42325 DAIC17G22 DAIC42445 DAIC42324 DAIC17G24 DAIC14G35 DAIC17G25 DAIC18022 DAIC18025 DAIC42G22 DAIC63311 DAIC17335 DAIC14345 DAIC14224 DAIC14225 DAIC17337 DAIC63S83 DAIC63394 DAIC14226 DAIC63S84 DAIC42G24 DAIC63S82 DAIC42G25 DAIC12325 DAIC12324 DAIC17G94 DAIC42335 DAIC42337 DAIC14G22 DAIC14G24 DAIC14G25 DAIC17042 DAIC15022 DAIC17045 DAIC42224 DAIC42345 DAIC17323 DAIC17322 DAIC17325 DAIC15025 DAIC17324 DAIC14335 DAIC14337 DAIC42G35
Coated polysaccharide columns, normal phase, CHIRALCEL®
These columns are packed with Daicel’s coated polysaccharide-based chiral stationary phases (CSPs) which are manufactured by physically coating the polysaccharide derivatives onto silica matrices. Due to this manufacturing process, a choice of mobile phase components is typically narrower than with immobilised columns in order to minimise damage to the CSPs.

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