Gas-tight syringes, 10 to 500 µl

供应商: SGE (Trajan)
SGEA005229 SGEA007229 SGEA004279 SGEA002455 SGEA005200CAL SGEA006250 SGEA006279 SGEA007200CAL SGEA002252 SGEA003200 SGEA005200 SGEA004232 SGEA007200 SGEA006232 SGEA004230 SGEA002250 SGEA004250 SGEA006230 SGEA002200CAL SGEA004229 SGEA002200 SGEA006229 SGEA002500 SGEA002202 SGEA004200CAL SGEA007250CAL SGEA002208 SGEA007250 SGEA006200CAL SGEA004200 SGEA005279 SGEA005232 SGEA006200 SGEA005230 SGEA003200CAL SGEA007232 SGEA005250 SGEA003250 SGEA007230
Gas-tight syringes, 10 to 500 µl
注射器 色谱用注射器
Constructed from borosilicate glass, PTFE plunger tips and Kel-F® or PTFE Luer cones where applicable.

  • Assembled with an interference fit between plunger tip and barrel to effect the gas sealing properties of the syringe
  • Plungers are replaceable on these syringes (plungers on request)

Barrel OD: 10 µl = 6,5 mm; 25 to 500 µl = 8 mm

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