Combination pH micro electrode, Orion™ PerpHecT™ ROSS™

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Orion™ PerpHecT™ ROSS™
Combination pH micro electrode, Orion™ PerpHecT™ ROSS™
电极 pH电极
This pH electrode is ideal for measuring micro volume samples. A PTFE protective sleeve over the glass stem provides greater durability than conventional micro pH electrodes and allows pH and temperature measurement of samples in 384 well plates or samples.
Compared to conventional electrodes, the proven ROSS reference system exhibits superior stability in measurements, faster response, greater accuracy and precision when measuring samples that vary in temperature or when calibrating in temperatures that differ from the samples.

  • ROSS electrodes avoid the long term drift that other electrodes exhibit (ROSS electrodes drift by less than 0,002 pH per day), so recalibration is minimised
  • No sample contamination: ROSS electrodes do not contain any silver or mercury to react with the sample or to clog the electrode junction
  • Can be used in samples such as biological media, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals where trace amount of metals cannot be tolerated
  • Double junction design allows more control over an important variable
  • In order to minimise errors caused by junction potential, users can use a solution that is similar to the sample
  • User also has the ability to change filling solutions to minimise contamination when potassium or chloride in the sample are undesirable
  • Reference system: Mercury-free, TRIS, protein and sulphide compatible

pH precision: 0,01
pH drift: <0,002 pH/day
Slope: 92 to 102% of theoretical Nernst slope
Isopotential point: pH 7

Accuracy of measuring a pH 6.86 buffer after standardisation at 25 °C: Accurate within 0,03 pH for buffer at any temperature between 0 to 100 °C using automatic temperature compensation
Speed of response in 6.86 buffer going from 25 to 75 °C: Response stable to 0,01 pH within 30 seconds
Speed of response between 6.86 and 4.01 buffers at 25 °C: Response stable to 0,002 pH within 15 seconds

Compatible with Orion™ PerpHecT™ meters.

Warranty: 12 months

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