VWR®, Single-Use Tank Liners, Medical Grade

供应商: Avantor Fluid Handling

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VWR®, Single-Use Tank Liners, Medical Grade
These tank liners are single-use bags with an open top, designed to fit in cylindrical vessels.

  • No cleaning after media preparation
  • Medical grade, multi-layer film
  • For bioprocess applications
  • Delivered gamma irradiated and ready-to-use

These bags are used as a liner into a vessel to avoid cleaning of the vessel after media and buffer preparation. After installing the Tank Liner into a vessel and filling it with liquid, powder can be added to the vessel and the mixing process can start by using an overhead agitator. When mixing is finished, it’s possible to pump the mixed liquid into sterile bags by using a sterile filter in order to have sterile media and buffers.

Tank liners are made of a clean medical grade multi-layer film designed for bioprocess applications. The fluid contact layer is a medical grade LLDPE. To minimise gas diffusion, an EVOH layer is coextruded between the inner and outer layers. The outer, non-contact strength layer is formed from polyamide and is coextruded with polyethylene to create a bonding layer.

Available in both 2D and 3D style. Tank Liners will be delivered gamma irradiated and ready-to-use.

Certifications: The film is USP Class VI and animal derived component free (ADCF).

订购须知 VWR is also able to deliver customer-specific tank liners. The bags can be made for almost all vessels up to 1500 litre, optionally bottom drain. For more information about customisation, please visit vwr.com/single-use.

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