Glass tubings, DURAN® borosilicate glass

供应商: Schott AG
SCOR1026169EA 4252.4 CNY
SCOR1026190 SCOR1026193 SCOR1026072 SCOR1026192 SCOR1026195 SCOR1026197 SCOR1026230 SCOR1026196 SCOR1026199 SCOR1026231 SCOR1026234 SCOR1026630 SCOR1026233 SCOR1026632 SCOR1026236 SCOR1026159 SCOR1026235 SCOR1026227 SCOR1026226 SCOR1026229 SCOR1026228 SCOR1026629 SCOR1185645 SCOR1026180 SCOR1026181 SCOR1026183 SCOR1026186 SCOR1026185 SCOR1026221 SCOR1026188 SCOR1026220 SCOR1026143 SCOR1026187 SCOR1026223 SCOR1026222 SCOR1026189 SCOR1026225 SCOR1026224 SCOR1026216 SCOR1026215 SCOR1026218 SCOR1026217 SCOR1026171 SCOR1026172 SCOR1026210 SCOR1026176 SCOR1026055 SCOR1026179 SCOR1026178 SCOR1026654 SCOR1026645 SCOR1026644 SCOR1026207 SCOR1026208 SCOR1026080 SCOR1026160 SCOR1026162 SCOR1026161 SCOR1026241 SCOR1026240 SCOR1026163 SCOR1026243 SCOR1026242 SCOR1026165 SCOR1026960 SCOR1026201 SCOR1026200 SCOR1026643 SCOR1026203 SCOR1026961 SCOR1026169 SCOR1026642 SCOR1026634 SCOR1026238 SCOR1026953 SCOR1026237 SCOR1026952 SCOR1026636 SCOR1026955 SCOR1026635 SCOR1026954 SCOR1026239 SCOR1026957 SCOR1026638 SCOR1026956 SCOR1026959 SCOR1026958
Glass tubings, DURAN® borosilicate glass
胶管 玻璃管
Borosilicate glass acc. to ISO 3585, all-purpose glass for apparatus for the chemical industry, for pipelines and laboratory.

  • High transmittance
  • Electrically highly insulating
  • High chemical resistance
  • High hydrolytic resistance
  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • High temperature resistance

Tube length ~1500 mm.

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