Anion exchange HPLC columns, Allsep™ Anion

供应商: Hichrom Limited
Avantor® Allsep
HICH38109/SEA 4950 CNY
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Anion exchange HPLC columns, Allsep™ Anion
Allsep™ anion is a methacrylate based phase with quaternary ammonium functional groups, optimised for use with both suppressed and non-suppressed conductivity detection. They are recommended for applications involving inorganic anions, weak and strong acid ions, metal complexes and organic acids.

  • pH range of 2 to 10
  • Can be used with 0 to 100% organic modifier

These columns are compatible with common ion chromatography mobile phases, such as carbonate, bicarbonate, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, phthalic acid, succinic acid and sodium octane sulphonate.

Certifications: Meets the requirements for the EPA method 300.0 Part A for determining inorganic ions in water.

Accessories information: Use guard cartridges with holder (80101/N) and coupler (HI-081).

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