HPLC columns, YMC-Pack™ ODS-AQ

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HPLC columns, YMC-Pack™ ODS-AQ
ODS-AQ is a C18 reversed phase silica based HPLC packing material specifically designed for use in 100% aqueous eluents.

  • Hydrophilic C18
  • Balanced surface chemistry
  • Polar and metabolite recognition
  • Balanced hydrophilic/lipophilic with strong retentions of polar sample solutes
  • Activity of acidic unreacted silanols is reduced allowing basic compounds to be eluted with little or no peak tailing

ODS columns are used for the validation of analytical HPLC methods and for long term reproducible preparative HPLC processes. Ideal for separating drugs and corresponding metabolites, pesticides and degradation products, or peptides and protein digests etc.

Delivery information: Every column supplied with lot certificate on physicochemical properties of bare silica, minimal metal traces, bonding and chromatographic performance; test chromatogram showing high performance plate count together with tight specification on peak symmetry.

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