HPLC columns, YMC-Pack™ YMC Carotenoid (C30)

供应商: YMC Europe
YMCACT99S030104 YMCACT99S032546 YMCACT99S052546
HPLC columns, YMC-Pack™ YMC Carotenoid (C30)
The YMC30 is a very lipophilic phase with exceptional selectivity towards isomeric structures. The C30 ligands provide sufficient phase thickness to enhance interaction with long chain molecules. Particularly suited for the separation of carotenoids.

  • More hydrophobic
  • Provides sufficient phase thickness to enhance interaction with long chained molecules
  • Geometric and positional isomers of conjugated double bonding systems can be recognised and resolved

Ideal for the separation of polar carotenes, polar and nonpolar xanthophylls, steroids, retinols, fat-soluble vitamins and LC-MS applications. Also used in the food industry, for the analysis of vitamin formulations, in environmental analysis, and for the control of algal growth. Other potential applications include the separation of prostaglandins and leucotrienes.

Delivery information: Every column supplied with lot certificate on physicochemical properties of bare silica, minimal metal traces, bonding and chromatographic performance; test chromatogram showing high performance plate count together with tight specification on peak symmetry.

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