Single-channel pipettes, mechanical, fixed / variable volume, Eppendorf Research® plus (IVD marked)

供应商: Eppendorf

Research® plus
EPPE3120000.100EA 3875 CNY
EPPE3120000.291 EPPE3120000.100 EPPE3120000.046 EPPE3120000.216 EPPE3120000.240 EPPE3120000.011 EPPE3120000.283 EPPE3120000.232 EPPE3120000.275 EPPE3120000.089 EPPE3121000.120 EPPE3121000.104 EPPE3120000.267 EPPE3120000.097 EPPE3120000.038 EPPE3121000.082 EPPE3120000.020 EPPE3121000.066 EPPE3121000.058 EPPE3120000.070 EPPE3120000.305 EPPE3120000.224 EPPE3120000.259 EPPE3120000.054 EPPE3121000.090 EPPE3121000.112 EPPE3120000.062 EPPE3121000.040 EPPE3121000.074 EPPE3121000.015 EPPE3121000.023 EPPE3121000.031 EPPE3120000.143
Single-channel pipettes, mechanical, fixed / variable volume, Eppendorf Research® plus (IVD marked)
移液管和移液器 移液器
Versatile, ergonomic pipette with innovative design, meeting the highest needs in precision and accuracy.

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Innovative re-designed principle of piston-stroke pipetting, piston made of Fortron® with great chemical, thermal and mechanical resistance
  • Lowest aspirating, dispensing, blow-out and tip ejection forces
  • Spring-loaded retractable nose cone to ensure tight seal and prolong nose cone life
  • Four-digit volume display for ease of use
  • Fully autoclavable

Designed and constructed for clinical applications (clinical human diagnostics). Ideal for low-contamination transfer of liquids, in particular for samples from the human body and for reagents within the scope of an in-vitro diagnostic application in order to allow the in-vitro diagnostic medical device to be used as intended. This pipette is an in-vitro diagnostic device according to Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and the Council dated October 27, 1998. It is intended exclusively for indoor use and for operation by qualified staff.

Certifications: With CE marking.

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