Dual-gel electrophoresis system, Owl™ P8DS

供应商: Thermo Fisher Scientific
Dual-gel electrophoresis system, Owl™ P8DS
电泳系统 垂直电泳系统
The Owl™ P9DS dual gel system is designed for quick and easy casting and running of one or two gels on the same device. When used with the available combs, spacers, alumina plates and glass, this system is an ideal tool for second dimension protocols of 2-D electrophoresis, SDS and agarose gels, and native PAGE electrophoresis.

  • Agarose plug method makes gel casting simple and quick
  • Gel assemblies do not have to be moved once set up
  • Two individual steps of casting and running are combined
  • Simple clamping mechanism makes loading glass cassettes, and most precast gels, trouble free

Gel W×H: 100×80 to 100 mm
Footprint W×H×D: 170×140×130 mm
Running buffer volume: 300 ml (upper chamber 150 ml, lower chamber 150 ml)

Delivery information: Complete system includes upper buffer chamber with internal cooling core, lower buffer chamber, SuperSafe lid with attached power leads, 4 blank glass plates, 2 notched glass plates, 2 notched alumina plates, 2 combs (10 well, 1,5 mm thick), spacer set (0,8 mm thick), spacer placer, and blocking plate for single gel operation.

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