Volumetric flasks, class A, glass, KIMAX®, KIMBLE®

供应商: DWK Life Sciences
KIML28046-900EA 0 CNY
Volumetric flasks, class A, glass, KIMAX®, KIMBLE®
烧瓶 容量瓶
Manufactured from 33 expansion, low extractable borosilicate glass.

  • Calibrated both 'to contain' and 'to deliver' (top line)
  • Save shelf space, requires less space than a round flask (25 to 30%)
  • Graduation rings and marking spot are blasted onto glass

These square volumetric flasks are designed to take up less area and pack more closely on shelves, in refrigerators and in other storage cabinets.

The flasks have a square cross-section with a width less than the widest diameter of a typical round flask. Due to the added glass weight and the square section, flasks also have greater stability.

Certifications: According to ASTM Specification E288 and Class A requirements.

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