Glutathione assay, GSH-Glo™

供应商: Promega
Glutathione assay, GSH-Glo™
检测产品 细胞化验
GSH-Glo™ Assay is a luminescent-based assay for the detection and quantification of glutathione (GSH) in cells or in various biological samples. The assay is based on the conversion of a luciferin derivative into luciferin in the presence of GSH.

  • Measure reduced and/or total glutathione levels in cells and tissues
  • Measure GSH levels directly from cell culture wells
  • Excellent sensitivity and easily scalable

The luciferin formed is detected in a coupled reaction using Ultra-Glo™ recombinant luciferase that generates a glow type luminescence that is proportional to the amount of glutathione present in cells. The assay provides a simple, fast and sensitive alternative to colorimetric and fluorescent methods and can be adapted easily to high-throughput applications.

订购须知 System includes luciferin-NT (100 µl or 500 µl); GSH-Glo™ reaction buffer (10 ml or 50 ml); glutathione S-transferase (100 µl or 500 µl); glutathione, 5 mM (100 µl); luciferin detection reagent (1 bottle); reconstitution Buffer with esterase (10 ml or 50 ml).

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