Magnetic hotplate stirrers, C-MAG HS series

供应商: IKA

IKAA3581200EA 4738.5 CNY
IKAA3581403 IKAA3581003 IKAA3581000 IKAI3581200 IKAI9015900 IKAI3581202 IKAA3581402 IKAA3581005 IKAA3581400 IKAA3581405 IKAA9015900 IKAA3581200 IKAI3581203 IKAA3581002 IKAI9015902 IKAI9015903 IKAA3581001
Magnetic hotplate stirrers, C-MAG HS series
搅拌器 加热磁力搅拌器
Compact stirrers with a chemically resistant ceramic top. The elevated control panel minimises contact with spills and enables easy reading and adjustment of the temperature. Units feature a digital error code display, a 'hot' top indicator to warn user that surface is hot and the strong magnetic adhesion prevents stirring bar decoupling.

  • Microprocessor control sends feedback to the motor and hotplate to maintain constant speed and set temperature
  • C-MAG HS 7 and C-MAG HS 10 can be used with a contact thermometer e.g. the ETS-D5, enabling precise temperature control
  • Fixed safety circuit shuts off heater if temperature rises above 550 °C
  • Digital display ensures accurate and repeatable temperature settings

Certifications: IP protection class according to DIN EN 60529: IP 21

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