Pipette carousel 2 and charger carousel 2

供应商: Eppendorf
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Pipette carousel 2 and charger carousel 2
The Eppendorf Pipette Carousel 2 carries up to six manual single or multi-channel Eppendorf pipettes. This includes Eppendorf Research, Research plus, Reference, Reference 2 and Biomaster®. The Charger Carousel 2 holds up to six electronic Eppendorf Xplorer or Xplorer plus pipettes.

  • Large rubber feet protect against liquids spilled on bench top
  • Large carrying handle for easy transport from bench to bench
  • Small footprint with a diameter of 18,5 cm
  • Fast interchangeable pipette holders and charger shells, no tools required
  • Pictograms clearly label pipette holders and charger shells for easy assignment in the lab
  • Cord wrap functionality for unused power cord (Charger)
  • Magnetic power connector for fast and easy connection

Single pipette holders can be mounted to the carousel in two orientations turned by 180° to each other to store all current and most predecessor manual pipettes.

订购须知 When used with optional charger shells the charger carousel can carry up to six Eppendorf Multipette E3/E3x or Multipette stream/Xstream.
In addition to electronic devices, the Charger Carousel 2 is also perfect for manual Eppendorf pipettes when used with optional pipette holders.

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