Bacterial air venting filters

供应商: Pall Laboratory

PALL4308EA 1000 CNY
PALL4308 PALL4210
Bacterial air venting filters
过滤器 排气过滤器
Economical, disposable depth filter for venting applications. Hydrophobic media allows air and gases to pass freely while blocking aqueous fluid and aerosol contaminents.

  • Use as a vent device for receiving vessels and small isolation or environmental chambers
  • Recommended for small-volume venting and degassing

Hydrophobic glass laminated (polyester/glass fibre/polyester) membrane; PP housing.

Aerosol retention: 99,97% 0,3 µm (DOP) at 32 L/min/100 cm²

* Sterilised by gamma irradiation.

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