Membrane disc filters, Supor® PES

供应商: Pall Laboratory

PALL60300EA 345 CNY
PALL60300 PALL60301 PALL61854 PALL60206 PALL60305 PALL60307 PALL60109 PALL60043 PALL66550 PALL60170 PALL60309 PALL60179 PALL60311 PALL60334 PALL60114 PALL60116 PALL66554 PALL60172 PALL66234 PALL66553 PALL60173 PALL66552 PALL66551 PALL60174 PALL60175 PALL60110 PALL66556 PALL60177 PALL60298 PALL60310 PALL66555 PALL60112 PALL65472
Membrane disc filters, Supor® PES
过滤器 膜过滤器
Hydrophilic PES Supor® membrane for reduced filtration time, optimised for biological, pharmaceutical and sterilising filtration requirements.

  • Low protein binding and extensive drug compatibility for critical applications
  • Superior flow rates and high throughputs

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